5 ways to stay safe from being infected by A malware in PC

5 ways to stay safe from being infected by A malware in PC

I know guys, you are landed here because you can get some information about how to protect yourself from a Malware in pc.I will be telling about the “5 ways to stay safe from being infected by A malware in PC”.I will also try to provide you some great methods to keep yourself in a safe hand.Because nowadays, the computer system community has been increasing time by time and also the digital connections also has been increasing so much.

5 ways to stay safe from being infected by A malware in PC

  • Not verified publisher, don’t download – This is the most common mistake, many people do without any thinking.Just think it, when you are giving your computer admin access by downloading them because the human mind can be hacked only by normal efforts and they can harm very much just by downloading.Malware also designed by these processes, they can hide within main application shores.These applications may be suddenly generated without your knowing.After downloading these apps/files can run beside system processes and as per design, they can trigger in boot time, startup time. You can check which application is running on your laptop anytime by pressing  ALT+DEL+CONTROL.After that, you can review which unwanted process/apps are running.


  • Enable USER ACCESS CONTROL from control panel –  This option enables the extra permission whenever any apps start to run. Because if you are knowing of any threat then after downloading, you can stop it from this step totally and then after rectifying you can remove that You can enable that option it from here:-

After this enable, any apps within its severity level will have to cross with an extra level of permission.

  • Verify publisher of that app/file before installing – Enabling user account setting cannot prevent you from malware fully but checking the publisher name can trustworthy. Even I also enabled access control settings, so after opening, I have to click on Yes to run that application and in that window, I can see the publisher is verified and then I move on.


  • Defrag the Drives regularly between a fixed short interval and clean %temp% directory- This method is also useful for the speedup of your system and also for a safe distance from Malware because defrag generated by system settings has a lot of impact with the unusual activity and this will throw an error in that case.If nothing is inside there then no impact will occur. I recommend you to run at least twice this tool in a single week. Also clearing the %temp% directory is an extra option to put a lot of good work into your system. Just go to RUN window and type “%temp%” and then after you have to select all and delete that by shift+del. This will improve the user experience and remove the creepy slow speed due to any small Malware.


  • Keep a Built-in Antivirus software updated for a scheduled scan –  This option may all you know, but I said to keep a built-in Antivirus because of many third-party antivirus software found to be system-slower in recent research. In my sight, programs that can turn the system into a slow tortoize can impact high to make the system vulnerable. Our aim is to use lightweight software for any kind of work, and that any lightweight software can handle all type of Malware attention or identification. Trust me, it works. For Windows PC, it’s own inbuilt Windows defender is enough, please keep it updated.

Hope this helps, Any queries? Reach in the comments sections. 🙂

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