Google Clips - The AI camera-

Google Clips – The AI Camera

Google Clips – The camera Based Upon Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Google Clips - The AI camera -
Google Clips – The AI camera –

Astonishing development has been made in the area of science and technology from past centuries and this is still being continued. This developments have influenced human life in positive way by improving quality of life. Artificial Intelligence or AI , as known to all, is one such development. Artificial Intelligence is nothing but providing machines with human intelligence.

Let’s Take a Look on specifications:-

Google Clips is one such gadget that uses AI to detect and capture important moments of ones life. Google clips is a $250 clip – on camera developed by Google, announced on 4 October 2017 during a Google event but was released for sale on January 27, 2018. It is 1.55μm pixels, autofocus camera with a built – in storage of 16GB and can record up to 3 hours. It has a fix focus lens of 130° wide angle view, a single button, and LEDs but it has no display or user interface of its own. It can be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to download the images it captures and control it. Google clips seems boring physically but what makes it special is it’s machine learning and AI algorithms for detection of people and familiar faces and capturing those automatically. The camera doesn’t actually records a video or sound instead it captures a bunch of still images at roughly 15 frames per second and then stitches those images forming a 7 seconds clips which are editable. It basically makes high resolution GIFs out of sequence of images. One can use his/her smartphone to watch what the clip is viewing. It also has a restart button along with shutter button that is not used more often.

Clips is compatible with both Android and IOS but the main difference between the two is that one has to press a button on iPhone to initiate file transfer and this is automatically done on Android based smartphones. There nothing special about its physical appearance, it weighs around 60.2g and is 2.1 inches in height, 2.1 inches in breath and 1.4 inches in depth. It comes along with a cover and stand that helps in attaching it anywhere while capturing images .

What we can conclude ?

The quality of images are not very good and the price is too high for common people to afford it. But the human detection algorithm of it makes it special.

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  1. You did excellent ashwarya 😊. Best blogger ever ….Literally I’ll buy some of your explained gadgets. Keep it(writing) on 👍

  2. great! generally , optical character recognition is frequently excluded from “artificial intelligence” having a routine technology. good features !

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