created an android app in 10 mins

How I have created an Android app in just 10 Minutes

How I have created an Android app in just 10 Minutes

The world is moving fast and hence all needed a quick solution for their work.All platforms changing frequently according to their needs and parameters. So, what about creating an Android app that meets your requirements in very less time.You heard the name of creating Android applications with the help of scratch:-

  • Eclipse IDE
  • Android Studio IDE
  • Visual basics Net, and so on…… the list is going so long day by day.

Let me now explain how I have created an android app in just 10 Minutes.

create an android app with thunkable:-

STEP 1 :-


What is thunkable?

You previously may be heard the name of MIT open source app inventor, thunkable is created by a part of that MIT developer team. The catch is that they were believing in their own startups and this is the fair outcome.

After visiting the link, you may find this screen:-

create an android app


You will find a sign in button on the top of this.Just click on SIGN IN with google and you are all set.

STEP 2:-

Now just start with tapping on “Create new app” on top left below from the website banner.

You will now be redirected to the main operational field.

STEP 3:-

Now you will see the screen with left and right sidebar widgets , it looks beautiful. 🙂 Now you have to design the app within the designer block tab and you can use widgets as BUTTONS,TEXTS,allignment options,List view,Vertical view,Notifier,Slider,Spinner even Floating action button.

So all the tools widgets are important and up to the mark.You have to create a text field by choosing the text box, you can insert a button to moving to any screen or switch an operation ON or OFF.After inserting the left section widgets, you have to customize its properties from right sections widgets.You can see here with this image.

create an android app


Here you can see, you can edit the name, padding, animation time, back color, size and many things.Just set as yours what you want.

STEP 4:-

Now let us assume that you have ready your design and all set with it.But without adding proper functionality this would not work, so you have to go to “Blocks” Tab and then see the widgets in left and whatever you did added in layout section now time to make them working.

This is last operational screen for app creating and this has some structures like the following picture…


Now start drag and drop for what you had the layout widget settled.As an example, We have to move a block with “YES” then find in the right section then drag to the white background workspace.So everything is there, you just have to think for a proper logic and do the necessary implement until your program or widgets starts to work great.

You will see a logic like this:-

STEP 5:-

We are assuming you have done that step 4. Now go to “APP” section in upper side and just click on “APP(Save .apk file to my computer)” and in no time the app will be ready to work with any android device.

You can also test the app without saving and making the apk file by downloading the THUNKABLE LIVE app from playstore.Just scan code with that app and then after you can check what changes you had made.


Hope this article helps you, I created an app with the same procedure with the same level of time and logic.You can reach us by comment section for any help regarding this app creation.

My created own application which is listed in google play store, you can install by this link.

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