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How to generate Digital text from picture , About OCR

How to generate Digital text from picture , About OCR

This article is about How to generate Digital text from picture and About OCR.Many people finding it difficult to generate digital texts from a digital picture.For this , we have to know about OCR first. OCR means Optical character recognition which can be defined as Optical character recognition is the mechanical or electronic conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text, whether from a scanned document, a photo of a document.

However, people face problems in smartphones or laptop while they are working because it all depends on either camera of the smartphone or any web application coding that how they can perfectly recognize the characters.

But i have a solution. While i searching for this problem sorting , i found out different solution for a laptop users or smartphone users running on android.

For Any users working on laptop / pc :-

Working on laptop if you found out a picture because of many catch like you cannot copy a text from webpages then you might want to take screenshot that area and then find out the methods how to extract texts from them in a good way without hampering the sentences or missing words.

Step 1 :- Cut the area you want to extract texts from them from any screenshot tool or any gallery picture cutting tool.

Step 2:- Now save that picture to your file manager wherever you want.

Step 3:- There are many websites available on searching google with OCR to text converter.I am giving you two websites where you can do your work. Apart from this, you can choose according to your choices.

First website is – This

Second Website is – This

Step 4:-Just go either any of them and put the images into upload picture section, then you have to wait sometimes until the text OCR has been generated.

Step 5 :- Download that text file or copy to clipboard according to your choice.


For Any users working on Smartphones running on android:-

So , what can one do if you are on a smartphone. However this is very easy and many of us doesn’t know about because they visit the mobile sites from smartphones and end up with the hampered text with missing words or characters.

I am going to tell you a right application for doing this very easily.

Step 1:- Keep ready a picture and save to your gallery in android smartphone.

Step 2 :- Download this application from play store and install it.

Step 3 :- After opening , Just select the gallery option and then select that image in which you want to extract the OCR words.

Step 4:- If you are trying to click a picture for words creating from OCR method then don’t try to move your camera for a better image capturing.

Step 5 :- You will finally got the image and save it in .txt format or just copy it to clipboard.

Here are the methods that will help you with recognizing texts , words or sentences and paragraphs from a picture you want to do with.

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