How to do FULL WEBSITE BACKUP using cPanel Make Full backup of your Website

How to make a Backup of your full Website

In this Article, We will be covering “How to make a Backup of your full Website“.

Many of users including those ones also who uses WordPress as their CMS to work and build their websites. The main point is the Fear and Intolerance when we have no Files, Plugins, Themes and their data, No Directories, No Upgrade Logs. So, Making a Full Backup is Very Important in that case so you can use this to move your account to another server, or to keep a local copy of your files. 

Steps to follow, Considering you are using cPanel File manager:-

  1. Go to your hosting provider admin space like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger or anything you want.


2. Login to your cPanel Admin area from there. You will see a screen like this,

Make Full backup of your Website
Make Full backup of your Website


3. Now you can see that option named ” Backup” In the Above picture. Click on ” Backup”.

4. You will find this screen where many Backup Option available.


5. Now we have to Full backup your website, Of course, there will be needed more of data to be saved and download to your local machine or anywhere, But It is the needy thing to do and worth it. Click on “Full Backup” and then you will find this screen.

cpanel website backup


6. Now click on Blue Line for Download the Full Backup till today.

Hope this information helps. Read our others post also, Thanks.

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