Case Study, The Difficulties In Technical Development In India

Technial Difficulties in India

Facts should taken under consideration :-

Although India is a huge country advancing its technology day by day, but there is a truth that technology has not been advanced as expected. The main reason behind this is uneven-distribution of technical assets throughout the country, It is highly abundant in few areas but still there is scarcity of technology in most of the areas . It is true that Smart phones has reached in most of part of our country  we are a leading in consumption of data throughout the world but the ground reality is about 80 to 90 percentage of people uses it just for fun purposes (i.e- watching movies ,listening songs ,using Facebook and Whatsapp , etc) only . This type of things must increase our data consumption rate but will not advance our technology.

Real problems :-

If you still visit to remote areas of India you have to travel approx 15 – 20 KM for a Cyber café and about 10 KM to find out a ATM or bank .If people have to withdraw money from the bank they have to spoil his / her whole day. It adversely affects the day income of that family and this is the case with most of the part of the country, so we can think what the loss to the country economy is. The most darkest side of unavailability of technology affect the students who are leaving in that due to unavailability of technology and even unavailability of money and educational institutions they could able to bear a proper guidance’s and education and their all dreams of way to lead their life goes vain and eventually they become unemployed or in other word burden to themselves. No one even government would not have idea or report that how much person future got spoiled in this way and they are included to unemployed and illiterate category due to unavailability of technology and resources which they must be provided . This is condition with general technology but the worst condition with the medical technology  ,if we went to remote areas of our country we may find out that many under graduate or even matriculate just by memorising the name of some medicines work as doctor and no one ban them condition is that people even trust him .They are not only giving prescription of medicines and even doing surgical works as a result many people dies due to these type of actions and people think it as a punishment of god ,the main thing is that after so much these type of  actions there is no such law to stop this and this type of actions are going day by day .

After this type of availability of technology government demand from farmers to sell their crop online to get minimum support price .It is reality that they could able to sell their crop in this way and eventually they sell their crop in nearest market at very low price, we see that how much farmers committing suicides per year .Besides all these actions technology is responsible somewhere.

What is the need ?

So it is need of the hour to provide abundant technology to even remote parts of the country so that they could able to run with mainstream. Only in this way overall development of our country is possible and we can able to lead our country in best way.

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