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Top 3 best security utilities you may want to Keep in Windows

Top 3 best security utilities you may want to Keep in Windows PC

Hello, Today I am going to discuss the beautiful topic “Top 3 best security utilities you want to Keep in Windows PC”.Well, all of us working on windows nowadays and we always have some problem attached to it because of hardware problems /needs or software needs for our work.This seems to be very easy but stuck over between many applications on the windows platform is also a bit complex thing.So, here we choose must have utilities which will help you in the case of some serious problem related to that.All the software are unique and may not be heard by you.

Top 3 best security utilities you want to Keep in Windows PC

  • 1) SmartDeblur – I am not sure you are familier to this utility or not, but i can tell you the full features right now.Basically,smartdeblur is a software used for hiding any sensitive information in a picture or extracting some information from a picture that is already blurred.I think you are familiar with the blurring where all the picture has some no-focus area in which the area specified is hidden primarily.This offers a simple import and export interface where a user has to browse a picture then after it will start processing the things.With the free version, you can only do limited things but that will be enough for you any work regarding data hider, encrypter or for a general purpose also.


  • 2) OpenPUFF – This tool helps us to hide many informations as a job of data hider or any data-driven mechanism worker even specialist in that particular field.OpenPuff is a tool for cryptography/steganography where a user hides his/her sensitive information within any preferred option like JPG, JPEG, even DOCX, XLS, MP3, MP4 or many more practical formats.This tool is so powerful because it is able to do things at a high security without compromise.This is a freeware tool which has many features;HW seeded random number generator (CSPRNG), Deniable steganography, Carrier chains (up to 256Mb of hidden data), Carrier bits selection level, Modern multi-cryptography (16 algorithms), Multi-layered data obfuscation (3 passwords), X-squared steganalysis resistance.As we can see it has lots of features and easily available on any windows sources on the internet.


  • 3) IOBIT uninstaller – This one I always recommend you all to use, why I put down here I am telling.We generally use different applications/utilities on windows but when it comes to delete that or uninstall that application then we might thinking that application is safely removed from our pc but it not.The application will be removed by Windows own inbuilt system is not a guarantee by the way, so we cannot take a risk.Many others software publishes may selling very cheap products or software just to sell them but not taking the risk of users pc.The features of this app are Uninstall unwanted programs thoroughly and quickly, Remove plug-ins & extensions on Edge, Chrome, IE, Firefox, Easily remove problematic Windows updates, Thoroughly uninstall Win 10 & Win 8’s built-in apps, Delete bundled programs or plug-ins. All the features come with a basic plan also with a trail.So you can go to this site if you find anything about this and of course your privacy.



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