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What is a Transaction ?

In Database Management system, A Transaction is a single unit of many logical operations/work. In simple words, Any logical calculations done in  a consistent mode in Database is known as Transaction. Best one example is ATM that we use on regular basis.

Example – Lets say person A is with having 300 Rs. & person B is having 200 Rs. Now person B wants to send 100 rs to person A. From the definition, Here the total unit of logical work are –

Person A with Having 300 Rs
and have supposed to receive 100 Rs from Person B
Person B with having 200 Rs and wants to transfer 100 Rs to Person A
R(A);// Reading the data of AR(B); // Reading the data of B
A= A+ 100; // Plus in total of AB= B-100; // Minus in total of B
W(A); //Writing the data of AW(B); //Writing the data of B
R(A) ; // Output comes as 400 RsR(B); // Output comes as 100 Rs.

⇒ Now, What is consistent ?

  • Consistency means the transaction will remain intact with the state prior to the transaction and later to the transaction. Like In this case, The person A  gotten what he wants and person B also satisfied with his steps.

How all the transaction in ATM goes so that much fast ?

It is a very interesting thing that we can’t able to see with our real-time working with ATM like withdrawing or querying or etc. There are lots of code there but the main system is working, called as ‘ Schedule

⇒ What is a Schedule ?

Schedule is nothing but, a combination of many transaction and determining how all the transactions can be performed. Whether the transactions can be interleaved or non-interleaved, the main focus is always to Increase the CPU utilization time by keep the CPU running while other transactions are doing I/O operations (Input-Output). Again if we take our main example, Writing & Reading the data of A or B is a I/O operation and A=A+100; is a logical work which is done by the CPU.

So, It is well clear that In ATM’s, transactions follow a speed process routine, combinations of schedules which is no doubt incredibly fast.


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